A Ridge Ranch Novella – Managing Ryan

Can one wrong turn change two lives?

Ryan Weston

My life might not be perfect, but it was for me. Quiet, simple. See, I help run the Ridge Ranch. It’s hard work and gives me everything I need. It just doesn’t leave me much to offer anyone. Especially the woman who shows up on the ranch house’s front step. My instinct is to turn her away. The last thing we need is a beautiful woman distracting the ranch hands, but then I can’t deny the little things that need attention around here. Including a decent meal.

Heather Wright

The job I’d been promised is pulled out from under me before I even get there. A lack of funds and a wrong turn find me in the little town of Emerson, Minnesota. Now all that stands between me, a warm meal and a place to sleep, is a grumpy cowboy. I convince him he needs me, or at least the ranch does. I’m thrilled he accepts; it can’t be that hard to cook for a cowboy and his ranch hands. Can it?